27 de Dezembro de 2020

32º Award Museu da Casa Brasileira

The Ava and Lep seats, from the Machina & Manus line, designed by Guto Indio da Costa and produced by San German, received in October 2018 the honorable mention in the 32nd Design Museum of the Brazilian House Award.

In his first collection that explores wood as the main raw material, designer Guto Indio da Costa, in partnership with San German, presents the Machina & Manus collection, which addresses the relationships between human, authorial and artisanal creation, added to the manufacturing processes allowed by digital technology.

The sensual and precise characteristic characteristic of the work of the designer in Rio de Janeiro becomes replicable through digital processes of modeling and manufacturing to give rise to wooden pieces of exceptional three-dimensionality: they are chairs and armchairs sculpted to the extreme, with refined ergonomics and a language of techno-organic design that represents this kind of material cyborguism.

Machina & Manus is the result of years of design by Guto Indio da Costa with the large-scale industry and its digital manufacturing processes combined with the very high quality joinery of San German. After launching in Milan and debuting in the North American market, the pieces now reach the Brazilian market.