Guto Indio da Costa

Born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design. Today he coordinates the design and transport centers of Indio da Costa A.U.D.T (Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Transport), responsible for dozens of projects, many of which have achieved great success and received several international awards.

Member of the Consultative Council of Design of the State of Rio de Janeiro since 2006, he was director and former vice president of Abedesign, co-founder of the Brazilian Center for Industrial Design (CBDI), promoter of several exhibitions and design events. He was also a member of the jury for several national and international awards, including L'Observeur du Design (France), D&AD (England), Red Dot (Germany) and Compasso D'Oro (Italy) and is a contributor to the Magazine Arc Design where he writes articles regularly.